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Hopgrove Construction provides public and private healthcare organisations with full construction and project management services. We'll provide you all the assurance you need at every stage of the project since we understand the unique challenges you face and the well-structured, caring environment you want to create.

Because we know how important this is for you

Hopgrove Construction's active involvement in the pre-construction process results in a thorough evaluation of the true needs of patients, staff, and visitors; a design that is both visually and functionally appropriate; and a construction phase that runs smoothly, on-time, and within budget for our healthcare clients.
Hopgrove Construction can accommodate any size healthcare construction project, whether it's a new hospital, a health clinic, or a care home, whether it's a new build, a refurbishment, or an expansion, or a live hospital, a medical centre, or a care home. We recognise the need of minimising interruption and always operating in a sensitive, safe, and efficient manner.


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